Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nerf RoughCut 2x4

Ok, so if you didn't know, I'm a pretty serious Nerfer... nerf-er... someone to plays with foam dart blasters.  So serious, that I co-started a nerf club in my college and run 100 person HvZ games with a few of my friends.

Anyway, this post is about the new(ish) Nerf Roughcut 2x4 'shotgun' blaster and my modification with a Nerf Raider front grip.

Rather simple mod, just pop off the original priming handle, test-fit the raider handle, shave off some plastic to make space for the pegs to fit, and close everything back up.

My first attempt landed the raider priming handle too far back, so it didn't prime correctely.  So I fitted it as far forward as I could.  When uncocked, the handle sticks out a little, but it's nothing terrible.  I also shaved off some of the slide railing guide from the raider handle.

I also experimented with replacing the AR springs with AR springs from a hyperfire. Thinking "If I can slow down the valve closing, more air can flow through..." unfortunately, it closes too slowly and ends up dislodging the "next" dart.  Lesson, the hasbro guys know what they're doing.

Lastly, before I buttoned her up, I shaved a bit off of the short trigger leg ( you'll see it...)to make it a smidge shorter.  "Half-pull to only shoot 1 dart is easier now.

I'm super-happy with it now, feel is great.  Priming is fast and the blaster shoots far and straight.

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  1. Hope you guys enjoy the stuff I do. I have a 7 year old so they idea to work on nerf guns just occured to me about 6 months ago. Clicking Here